Non-AAMS Casinos Increasingly Popular in Italy

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Gambling in casinos is an old passion of Italians, which has been growing with each generation. With the growth of online casinos, the gaming experience has become more accessible and with an increasing number of operators, players now have the luxury of being a bit picky.

The Agenzia Dogane e Monopolio di Stato (AAMS) is responsible for setting the Italian gambling laws. The regulator body is responsible for issuing licences and defining the taxation in regards to gambling for Italian players and operators. AAMS has the right to block and fine any gambling operator that does not follow the laws that are imposed. The regulation is known for being pretty strict and giving operators very little leeway.

The AAMS are free to issue a license to any operator that they deem fitting, as long as the company is based within the EU. The servers and the actual staff however, are free to be located elsewhere. 

What is Non-AAMS casino?

Non-AAMS casinos are operators that are licensed by other regulatory bodies than the AAMS. These operators are usually reliable and secure casinos that hold licenses from authorities in other countries, such as Curaçao (Curaçao Gaming Licence) Malta (Malta Gaming Authority), United Kingdom (Gambling Commission), and Sweden (Swedish Gambling Authority). The latter has just announced the lifting of its year long corona measurements. During the pandemic, Swedish customers playing at licensed casinos, were enforced a 5000 SEK (500€) weekly deposit limit as well as strict limitations in terms of rewards. 

The Swedish regulation, managed by Spelinspektionen, in recent time been considered as too rough on the operators who do choose to get the license. This has favoured operators who choose not to apply for the license, but still operate in the country.

The number of players choosing to play at non-AAMS casinos in Italy is growing every day, and the reason is simple - many Italian players are not satisfied with Italian gambling laws.

According to Non-AAMS site, an independent review site offering information about online casinos and sports betting sites, the popularity of casinos licensed outside of Italy is growing rapidly due to increased rewards for customers and lack of limits and restrictions. The rewards of Non-AAMS casinos are sometimes higher, they generally offer better bonus promotions and more free spins for players. Customers are also unaffected by the limits that AAMS enforce on its license holders, such as deposit/withdrawal & betting limits. 

How to find a reliable Non-AAMS Casino

Choosing the right Non-AAMS online casino is crucial, so we advise you to browse through the casino site, you can start checking the menus, how the registration process works, and also try to play some games. Is it fast enough? How is the design site? 

Most casinos offer the opportunity to play some of their games for free. Find out if the casino offers this option, trying the game will give you a taste of what to expect from the games themselves and will help you evaluate the casino's website.

When browsing the website, look for the promotions tab on the website. Each casino offers a different type of promotion to attract new and existing players. Check all the promotions offered and read the terms and conditions of the offers. This will clear up all your doubts and give you an idea of how honest the casino is and whether the casino takes care of loyal players.

Clarify all your doubts with customer service. Casino customer service is a great way to gauge how players are treated. Also, you can clear up any unanswered questions on the FAQ site. We suggest asking as many questions as possible, and if the service is only available to registered players, you can do so after registering.

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