New York Regulator Fast-Tracks 10 Cryptocurrencies

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C Costigan
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The New York State Department of financial services (DFS), the Bitlicense regulator, has published a Greenlist comprising 10 cryptocurrencies for custody and eight cryptocurrencies for listing. “Any licensed entity may use coins on the Greenlist for their approved purpose(s),” the regulator explained.

The 10 cryptocurrencies are binance USD (BUSD), bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum classic (ETC), ethereum (ETH), gemini dollar (GUSD), litecoin (LTC), pax gold (PAXG), paxos standard (PAX), and ripple (XRP). The same cryptocurrencies are pre-approved for listing, except for ETC and XRP. “If a licensed entity decides to use a coin on the Greenlist, it must inform DFS prior to beginning its use,” the regulator noted.

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Blockchain Analytics Show Altcoins 2x More Prominent in East Asia Compared to North America

The blockchain analytics company Chainalysis published an excerpt from the firm’s upcoming “2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report” which shows an interesting perspective of geographic crypto hot spots.

As far as numbers are concerned, in 2020 East Asia is the most active region worldwide in regard to cryptocurrency volume moved onchain. The report notes that East Asia is followed by Western Europe and North America. During the last 12-months, North America accrued 14.8% of all the crypto asset activity.

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Reports Claim UK’s Financial Conduct Authority 'Pressurized' to Remove Onecoin Scam Warning

A recent episode of the popular BBC Sounds podcast the “Missing Cryptoqueen” has shown the public a very interesting view of the powerful Onecoin Ponzi. According to two witnesses the BBC interviewed, a London law firm and a reputation management company allegedly managed to get the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to take down a Onecoin warning.

The Bulgaria-based Ponzi scheme Onecoin was once described by The Times as “one of the biggest scams in history” managing to net $4 billion from operations. The pyramid scheme has become a hot topic over the years, and it’s invoked the BBC Sounds podcast the “Missing Cryptoqueen.”

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Bitcoin and eSports: Bitcoin SV One World Chain Virtual Continues (Videos)

Bitcoin and eSports: Bitcoin SV One World Chain Virtual Continues (Videos)

The Bitcoin SV One World Chain virtual conference concludes Thursday with hot topics that include Making Bitcoin Easy to Use for Everyone, eSports and the Blockchain with Unikrn co-founder Rahul Sood, and the cashless casino.

Ayre: CoinGeek Crypto Conference to Make a Little History

Ayre: CoinGeek Digital Currency Conference to Make a Little History

CoinGeek Live will be hosted in studios in New York and London and, for the first time, is designed for the online audience and is free to attend.  The virtual conference kicks off Wednesday September 30.

The War on Bitcoin: Arch Enemies Join Forces

The War on Bitcoin: Arch Enemies Join Forces

It appears the five year Civil War within the cryptocurrency space may finally be coming to an end, at least among some bitter foes, all focusing their attention on what they perceive to be the ultimate enemy, Bitcoin SV.

BuyBSV.com Now Offers Bank Transfers in US & Canadian Dollars

BuyBSV.com Now Offers Bank Transfers in US & Canadian Dollars

BuyBSV.com, powered by Coinify, are delighted to announce that ALL traders can now complete bank transfers to buy Bitcoin SV in USD, CAD & DKK in addition to the Euro and the British pound.

Why Online Gambling Companies Need to Incorporate Bitcoin SV

The gambling industry has a lot to gain by adopting Bitcoin SV, and they can learn how at CoinGeek Live. Jimmy Nguyen talks about what you can expect to see with CoinGeek's Rebecca Liggero.