NFL Pro Bowl - The Best Bet (2020)

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The Pro Bowl is always a fun event to watch because it features the best of the best and probably at least one or two of your favorite players. The feeling for many is that this event is not taken seriously enough by the players, but we think that’s bogus. Why? The NFC has won the four of the last five meetings and they want to keep the streak alive having won three in a row. The stage is set for a showdown among the games best in Orlando and it all starts a 3:00 PM Eastern on ESPN/ABC. The online bookies are making this one fun with all of the great prop odds and even the live wagering will certainly be a feature as well. The line is set at Even odds and a total of 51. No matter what happens, this game will be fun and certainly worth betting for some extra fun.

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Now is a better time than ever to find an online bookie that you can trust. We realize the NFL season has one game left but that one game is the biggest of the year and the entire reason football is played. This year's Super Bowl features the 49ers Vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. This game promises to be a good one and a close one. The odds are set on this one as well and has stayed steady in this first week since opening last Sunday evening with KC -1. The Pro Bowl is always a great way to catch some football before the Super Bowl and hopefully win a little extra cash to play with for the big dance. Find a great bookie that you can trust and one that gives you the best NFL prop odds on both games.

We won’t bore you to death with the complete roster lineups for the Pro Bowl we can say, however, that Lamar Jackson will be starting for the AFC and he will be fun to watch. For Baltimore fans, this year ended in a huge disappointment with the Ravens losing to the Titans in the Divisional round. Lamar Jackson has hit the scene and he is nothing short of a football phenomenon. Patrick Mahomes also has the nod for the AFC but of course, gets a pass as he will be suiting up for the Chiefs in their first Super Bowl in 50-years! Baltimore brings a total of 13-Pro Bowlers to this game!

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The NFC features Russell Wilson getting the nod in the starting position and you can expect big offense on both sides of the ball. Both Wilson and Jackson will be firing it up early and look for this one to go the AFC way in the first half. Who knows what we will see in the second half. Don’t expect much defense and very little on special teams other than a field goal here and there.

Super Bowl Odds & Prop Bets

We are leaning towards prop options in this one such as head to head matchup between Wilson and Jackson and rushing yards, the number of field goals, as well as the longest play from scrimmage. There are many great ones so be sure to get the money in and have fun with this one while preparing for the real action on Feb 2nd.  Call your online bookie and ask for a great bonus, play the free money and stack it away to beat them in a week. Good luck. AFC Win this one – Money Line

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