Mountaineer Casino Sports Book in West Virginia Hopes to be Open for NFL

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The Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort in West Virginia's Northern Panhandle expects to have its sports book up and running by the start of the new football season.

Your Betting Lines: Steelers -5 vs. the Chiefs, now long 15/1 odds to win Super Bowl 53, Mountaineers 45/1 odds to win College Football Championship, Browns +10 @ Saints  (updated 9/12)

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Status of the Mountaineer Casino Sportsbook

The Moutaineers Casino sportsbook is still not open. This means no future bets on the NFL, unless you access an internationally licensed website. Note that the international sites do not tax players.  The West Virginia sportsbooks will. We already know that New Jersey sportsbooks are taxing 13%.  OUCH!  Update: West Virginia sportsbooks will be taxing at 10%.

The casino has been interviewing potential vendors and working with contractors on the sports book design. 


The Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort is located a mere 45 minutes from Pittsburgh in the heart of Steelers Territory.  It is one hour away from Youngstown, Ohio.

The resort features some of the best slots, table games, live poker and thoroughbred racing as well as luxurious accommodations, so you could stay and play, and hopefully bet all the games on NFL weekend. 

West Virginia has no current plans to prevent gamblers from wagering on the state's beloved Mountaineers College Football team.

- Mary Montgomery,

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