Kamala Harris Favorite to be Democratic Nominee in 2020

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Kamala Harris is the slight +450 favorite to be the Democratic nominee for President in 2020, according to oddsmakers at BetOnline.  The payout would be $45 for every $10 bet.

For her part, the California Senator has not ruled out running in 2020. 

“We shouldn’t just be thanking women of color for electing progressive leaders, in 2018 we should be electing women of color as those leaders,” Harris said at Netroots. “Now, I’m aware that some people will say that what I just said is playing ‘identity politics.’ I have a problem with that phrase, ‘identity politics.’ When people say that, it’s a pejorative. That phrase is used to divide and used to distract.”

Harris is currently a half point favorite over former Vice President Joe Biden (5/1).

Bernie Harris had the next shortest odds at +550.

Billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist and liberal activist Tom Steyer is listed at +750 odds to be the Democratic nominee.

All odds appear below.

U.S. Politics
Democratic Nominee for the 2020 Election
08:00 PM 2252 Kamala Harris   +450  
2253 Joe Biden   +500  
2251 Bernie Sanders   +550  
2265 Tom Steyer   +750  
2254 Elizabeth Warren   +1000  
2255 Cory Booker   +1200  
2256 Kirsten Gillibrand   +1200  
2257 Oprah Winfrey   +1600  
2259 Andrew Cuomo   +2000  
2258 Michelle Obama   +2000  
2261 Amy Klobuchar   +2500  
2263 Joe Kennedy III   +2500  
2260 Julian Castro   +2500  
2262 Tom Wolf   +2500  
2264 Hillary Clinton   +3300  
U.S. Politics
Party to Win the 2020 Presidential Election
08:00 PM 2102 Democratic Party   -130  
2101 Republican Party   +110


- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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