Gambling and Sports Betting News Wire - June 22 2019

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C Costigan
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Here are today's headlines in the world of gambling and sports betting as they happen - Saturday June 22, 2019. BetOnline is giving 5% above market price on your BTC deposits as Bitcoin Blitz continues (for the remainder of this month ONLY)

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Bitcoin Makes it Above $11K

9:30 am ET - In less than a few hours after moving above $10,000, Bitcoin has climbed over the $11, 000 mark.

By Saturday morning the world's largest cryptocurrency has peaked just above $11,200.

While we learned from Americas Cardroom CEO Phil Nagy that the price fluctuations in Bitcoin have little negative impact on volume of movement in fund transfers (ACR customers doubled their Bitcoin usage in 2018 compared to 2017 when the price had reached all time highs, confidence factors will most certainly improve among gamblers who maintained funds in their Bitcoin wallets.  In other words, there is suddenly a significant increase in the amount of money stored and that which can be bet with.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin!!!!

12:48 am ET - With barely enough time to breathe, Bitcoin shot up over $10K Friday evening and nearly crossed over $11K.

Bitcoin breached $10,000 for the first time in about 15 months around 7 pm ET, recouping more than half of the parabolic increase that introduced mainstream investors to the digital asset before the bursting of the cryptocurrency bubble.

Prior to Midnight Bitcoin had shot to $10901 and was hovering around $10,650 at 1 am ET.

This represented a 34% increase in its price over the past 1 month.

Now for online gamblers, we can't stress enough.  Bitcoin can move in the opposite direction, even if it is for one day.  So, while it is always good to keep some Bitcoin in your wallet, Gambling911.com encourages moving the brunt of your winnings immediately into your bank account.  Keep a percentage for investment purposes, especially in this client.

On that note, BetOnline is giving 5% above market price on your BTC deposits (for the remainder of this month ONLY)

Our Free Picks Record June 18 (We haven't made picks in a few days)

2019 MLB Record: 17-11-2 (60.1%) - No Plays Over -160

2018-19 College Basketball Record: 12-9 (57.1%)

2018-19 NBA Record: 7-5 (58%)

2018 MLB Record: 45-35 (56.2%)

2018 NBA Record: 12-4-1 (75%)

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Business/Financial News

North Korea Accused of Cyber Attacks on Crypto Exchanges

The Justice Department has accused a network of North Korean and Chinese citizens of secretly advancing North Korea’s nuclear weapons program by channeling at least $2.5 billion in illicit payments through hundreds of front companies.

Business as Usual for Pay Per Head Giants AcePerHead.com

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely rocked the world and has affected every person and business on the planet.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Local bookies have had enough! They are fed up with the pavement beating, the running around in bars until 3:00 AM looking for “Vinnie” that owes them $400. This gig should be easier than this and there must be a better way to earn a great income as a bookmaker. There is indeed and no matter how many clients you may have, a pay per head is easily the most affordable way to find an online presence right now. Literally, - in a day or two, start your own book here with www.A1PPH.com.

Argentina Cryptocurrency Trading Crackdown

If you have ever met anyone from Argentina, you probably have heard how difficult it is to get money in and out of that country.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have helped in recent years, but now Argentina is beginning to crack down on local Bitcoin trading.

Did Bitcoin's Creator Just Move 50 BTC? First Time Since 2009

Rumors that Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin's creator, had moved 50 BTC remain unsupported, claims Zack Voell of CoinDesk.