Can I Play Solitaire Grand Harvest From California for Real Money?

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Jordan Bach
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Solitaire Grand Harvest is a play-for-free online Solitaire game that is available from California but not for real money, just prizes.  The good news is that the classic single-player card game that people have been playing for decades can now be played online for real money via websites such as BetOnline. 


Play Solitaire Grand Harvest for Prizes in California

Solitaire Grand Harvest while free to play will begin to cost money in order to achieve certain levels.  For two dollars you can buy 15000 credits, which can be easily used up in just a few levels, writes one reviewer on Amazon.

What do you win?  Boosters and coins.

Play Solitaire for Real Money

Now we're talking!  The wagering stakes for online solitaire betting can be significant. There are games that can be played for as little as $5.50 and as much as $550. The total amount that can be won is as much as $2600.

Start for Free

Just like with online poker, use Solitaire Grand Harvest to hone your skills.

As seen on the Dr. Phil Show, that show's host Dr. Phil McGraw calls Solitaire Grand Harvest and excellent way of "providing a time to destress". 

He adds: "Expand upon your farm and increase your crops.  You must carefully choose the next card while thinking ahead to make the right strategic move."

Download Solitaire Grand Harvest here today

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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