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It’s not just sporting events you can wager on. Nope, most reputable online sports books offer betting odds on who will be the next President of the United States.

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And Donald Trump is the early betting favorite with negative odds at BookMaker.eu. The Donald is having quite the first term in office after his upset of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and while he doesn’t have the best record in office, Trump has gotten things accomplished. And considering that 65 percent of Presidents who run for reelection win, Trump is the betting favorite.

Odds to win 2020 U.S. Presidential Election at BookMaker.eu

Donald Trump -106

Joe Biden +372

Bernie Sanders +840

Pete Buttigieg +901

Kamala Harris +1175

Elizabeth Warren +2556

Andrew Yang +3059

Beto O'Rourke +3660

Mike Pence +6500

Tulsi Gabbard +7000

Cory Booker +9500

Amy Klobuchar +12500

Kirsten Gillibrand +15500

Howard Schultz +20000

Julián Castro +21500

John Kasich +25000

John Hickenlooper +25000

Jay Inslee +25500


With President Trump almost certainly running for a second term in 2020 and the economy booming, the odds of another Republican defeating Trump in the primary are highly unlikely. Vice President Mike Pence has denied that he’ll run in 2020, still oddsmakers have him on the board at favorable odds.

The Democratic Party will do just about anything to unseat President Trump, as their willingness to impeach the POTUS can attest to. However, being a misogynist isn’t an impeachable offense. And if every politician whoever lied is thrown out of office we’d have a bunch of people leaving Washington at the same time.

Currently Joe Biden is the second favorite and that’s likely due to his experience as Vice President to Barrack Obama for eight years. He’s living off the recognition he got during that span, but at 76 and with some recent negative press, he could fall down the odds list if another younger candidate emerges.

Another candidate high on the odds list is Bernie Sanders, who also has experience from his presidential run in 2016. He was on the verge of getting the Democratic nomination until Hillary used here unethical and cheating ways to steal the bid.

With the Democratic Party trotting out a number of candidates to test the waters against Trump, that nomination has taken on a life of its own. There is a category at BookMaker.eu on who will be the Democratic nominee.

Odds to win 2020 Democratic Nomination at BookMaker.eu

Joe Biden +186

Pete Buttigieg +400

Bernie Sanders +455

Kamala Harris +580

Elizabeth Warren +1,300

Beto O'Rourke +2,100

Andrew Yang +2,300

Tulsi Gabbard +3,600

Cory Booker +6,000

Amy Klobuchar +7,000

Bill De Blasio +10,000

Jay Inslee +12,000

Kirsten Gillibrand +13,000

Julian Castro +17,000

The Dems best crack at unseating President Trump might rest with Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind. His charisma and political record moved him ahead of other notable Democratic candidates on the odds board. And he’s half the age of Biden and Sanders, another strong point for Buttigieg. At age 37 and with some popular ideas, Buttigieg is popular with the younger generation and needs that group to vote in order to have a real possibility of winning the nomination.

Bet the 2020 Presidential Election at BookMaker.eu

A lot can change between now and the election, especially on the Democratic side of the ticket with so many candidates tossing their hat in the ring. One thing that is fairly certain is that the sitting President is likely to run for another term and that results in re-election about 65 percent of the time. The candidates and odds are going to change as platforms and strategies become more clear, so if you’re not sure at this point it would be wise to do some research.

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