The Advantages of Using Bookie Management Software

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A powerful bookie management software can make the difference between a modest profit and a robust profit or a breakeven season vs. crushing losses.

Gone are the days when a bookie had to rely on telephone calls, a pencil, notebook or a spreadsheet.  Today’s modern bookie uses the Internet to their advantage by buying a sportsbook software or using a Bookie PPH Service.

The best bookie management software providers offer 24/7 customer service, sharp bettor monitoring, daily or even in-demand reporting, in-play wagering, a full suite of horse racing options, props, futures and, of course, competitive pricing.

The basic setup is fairly simple as a bookie only needs to point their customers to their website and place their bets.  The sportsbook software does the rest by providing sports betting odds, keeping track of their bets and managing their funds.

Advantages of running your business with the help of bookmaking software are clear.  Automation as opposed to manual tracking saves a substantial amount of time and money. Everything from deposits to line setting and payouts are managed by the software with less of a chance for errors.

And there's more:

Reports and Analysis – Every business owner wants to improve their company and make more money. In order to do that, they need to have reliable reports and statistics in order to make the right decision. A good Bookie Software will generate reports and statistics you need to make the right decisions about your sportsbook.

More Gambling Options – Why limit yourself to just national sports betting when you can offer international sports betting at no extra cost? A Bookie Management Service offers odds on all major sports leagues on a local and international level.  Thus, by having more sports betting option, you also increase your player base which in turn means higher profits.

Complete Player Management – Player Risk Management is an essential part of running a successful bookie operation. This is because not all players are equal and some will win more than others.  Thus, a bookie needs the ability to set limits for certain types of bets and sports on an individual basis.  This is exactly what a Bookie Management Software will help you do.

The best Pay Per Head systems come with an online casino, some even feature live dealers.  Obviously, an independent corner bookie can't offer such a platform.  The best he or she can do is set up a dice game in their apartment.  Uhhh, not exactly our idea of an exciting casino experience.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com



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